Attendance is directly related to student success in each course of study. Canadian Independent College believes that students must attend class if they are to be well prepared for University and beyond.

Students are expected to attend all classes. Internet based courses are no different from traditional classroom courses in this regard. Internet based students are subject to the same attendance policy and procedures as traditional students. Attendance in online courses is defined as active participation in the course as described in the individual course syllabus and Ontario Ministry of Education Course Expectations. Internet based courses will, at a minimum, have weekly assignments to record student participation, which can be documented by any or all of the following methods:

  • Completion of tests
  • Completion/submission of ISU Projects or portfolio
  • Submission/completion of assignments
  • Participation in Discussion Forums
  • Completion of writing assignments with set time and dateStudents who fail to maintain active participation in an internet based course as defined in the course syllabus will be processed using the current attendance policy in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education 110 hours requirements for credit course.

When a student misses a class, s/he will be expected to make up the time missed. Teachers and the student will consult about how to make up the time and how to assess the skills and knowledge that would have been missed by the student.

The Ministry of Education mandates that an academic credit includes 110 hours of classroom instruction. Students who miss eight or more classes in a course of study may not be able to attain a credit in the course of study. The Administrative Team will meet in order to review the circumstances related to the student and the reasons for absence.

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