Canadian Independent College (CIC) offers the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum to students worldwide. Our online platform (since 2014) allows students to achieve the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in their home country if desired or if it is required due to situations like the current pandemic.

Canadian Independent College has a 100% post secondary placement record. Due to our well developed e-learning platform, our 2020 academic year was able to adjust smoothly to the global school shut down and all CIC students went on to their post secondary school of choice. Our alumni have expressed their gratitude for the online learning platform as it has helped them be prepared for post secondary studies.

Our interactive e-learning platform provides a sense of being ‘in school’ which many students and their parents still want. Students are ‘in class” virtually with other students and the teacher. Students meet with their teacher daily and follow a daily timetable which provides structure and routine which is vital for success. Group work and discussions are done with classmates and collaboration happens virtually as well. CIC’s e-learning platform allows our teachers to deliver lessons virtually in real time. Students have access to all e-textbooks and handouts as well as teacher’s presentations. If students have questions or need extra help, their Canadian Independent College teacher will be available to help.

The principal assesses each student’s transcript and enrolls him/her into the appropriate courses based on a students’ academic goals: science, engineering, business, law, medicine, or arts.
Canadian Independent College provides direction to all graduating students on completing the Ontario University Application process.

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