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Canadian Independent College (CIC) represents excellence in preparing students for entrance into innovative Universities and Colleges throughout the world. Our well- qualified staff and administration are committed to academic excellence and caring for the health and well being of each student. Students are assisted with balancing academic, extracurricular and social pursuits within a disciplined and nurturing environment. The mission of Canadian Independent College (CIC) is to promote excellence and integrity in learning in all its forms; to develop the intellectual, ethical, emotional, social, and physical capabilities of each individual.

The mission of Canadian Independent College is to promote excellence and integrity in learning in all its forms; to develop the intellectual, ethical, emotional, and physical capabilities of each individual. Our students will meet the challenges of today and the future, thus enriching the global community.

High School

High School

Canadian Independent College continues to be organized around a quad semester system with entry points in: September, January, April, and July. By the end of grade 10, students will have completed 16 of 18 compulsory courses required by the Ministry of Education for graduation purposes. These courses are taught at a level that will enable students to complete OSSD standards.

By the end of the Grade 12 year, students will have been able to complete the 30 credits required. Coupled with the completion of 40 hours of community involvement and successfully passing the required Ontario Secondary School Literacy test, students will be qualified for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students who have completed an OSSD with at least six (6) acceptable prerequisite credits at the 4U/4M (Pre – University) are eligible for direct admission to universities or colleges worldwide.

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The Pre-University program at Canadian Independent College is an excellent and cost effective program for international students seeking university and college placements outside of their country of origin. In order to prepare our students for their post secondary studies, we have integrated an online learning platform into our program. Students LOVE it! As an internet and traditional academic school we find purpose, passion, and meaning educating young minds.

Pre-University programs are essential for most international students. Our intense transition year experience allows students to adapt to a more comprehensive style of learning while living in a disciplined and nurturing environment. That is why we have a 100% post secondary placement record.

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Pre University

Why Choose Us

Just a few reasons why it is awesome to be a Canadian Independent College student:

It’s cool to be smart

At Canadian Independent College it’s cool to be smart. We pride ourselves in cultivating an environment where a student’s focus to achieve is admired not ridiculed. In many schools, students who want to learn and who are “smart” are branded as nerds or become the butt of jokes in school. At CIC Waterloo it is cool to be smart.

Personal development

At our private high school we focus on getting you to the university of your choice. Your personal maturation and development is key in reaching your academic goals. We focus on your best attributes to help you gain a better understanding of who you are, and what you can become.

Small classes

At CIC Waterloo we provide small and personable classroom learning environments. You are a person not just a number; you are part of an enriched learning community with an average class size of 15 students.

All classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers

Our dedicated teachers are highly qualified to teach in their respective subject areas. Our teachers are all certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and the Ontario Ministry of Education.

One-on-one meetings

You will have a personal counseling session with the guidance and counseling staff; we take each students personal goals and objectives as part of the overall school objective.

More Freedom

You will have more freedom to explore your future career and the community at large. CIC Waterloo provides you the opportunities to grow mentally, spiritually, and ethically in the safe and secure community of Waterloo.

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