CIC is a very special school that provides a rich, nurturing and caring environment that has brought out the best in me and allowed me to truly thrive. My university admission was a breeze.

LC Class of 2007

The small class size, the high staff-to-student ratio, the respectful atmosphere, and above all, the unwavering dedication was what makes CIC special.

AB Class of 2006

Ample access to technology, a high teacher to student ratio, and caring engaged teachers helped me to gain admission to veterinary school after CIC.

CW Class of 2011

Since my very first day at CIC, I felt welcomed, accepted, and loved. Every morning I see the smiling teachers and staff.

HB Class of 2016

What I like best about CIC is most definitely the education that I received.

BR Class of 2007

High academics have always been important to me and it didn’t take long to realize that this school was right fit for me.

TR Class of 2008

You want to get into a great university come study at CIC, the entire admission process is handled by the school.

AB Class of 2013

I came to Canada not knowing anybody, the school and residence staff made me feel at home right away. My university placement was surprisingly easy.

GZ Class of 2011

My overall experience at CIC was fantastic, especially all the new life long friends I made. I got offers to all the universities I applied to.

JJ Class of 2008

The teaching staff were very helpful and made my learning experience fun. I can get lost in public school easily, not at CIC with small class size and attention to school needs.

CB Class of 2009

My teachers at CIC did a great job, not only presenting the material, but also teaching it. Got my university offers early spring.

HB Class of 2016

Arriving at CIC for the first time you feel at home not because of all the cold snow, but because of the caring and warm environment.

DE Class of 2014

I got early university admission in March, thanks to the wonderful job of the guidance office

AD Class of 2014

Thanks to the school, my university admission was the easiest thing I ever went through in high school.

NK Class of 2016

Getting all my early universities offers was a great relief, couldn’t have done it without everyone at CIC.

SV Class of 2016

I love the school because I have many nice teachers and a principal who helped me get into my dream university.

BB Class of 2007

Because of my older brother’s wonderful experience at CIC Waterloo my parents sent me to CIC in grade 10. CIC was one of the best experiences in my life. I got into my dream program at McGill University.

GO Class of 2017

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