Living in Residence: Home Away from Home


When a student comes to CIC Waterloo, they will join a house filled with joy, laughter, care, warmth and tranquility. Each house is under the care of a trained house mother who will take care of each student, support their individual needs, and, provide a safe living space for each student.

Most students have their own study-bedroom. This is their own private space, which they can turn into their own living oasis. All students in the central building eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining room, a large central dining complex; the others have their own chefs and their own house dining-rooms.

By living together in a boarding school, we address the age-old themes of relationships, group dynamics, regulation and disappointment, as well as contemporary issues such as social media and global living. These are not merely survived by muddling through, but tackled head on through structured and well-resourced health education and tutorship. An experienced team of health educators deliver a balanced health curriculum that tackles all of the usual concerns within a moral framework, through small group sessions, counselling presentations and student orientation.

We welcome students from all religious backgrounds and make provision for their spiritual welfare. Our values are underpinned by our ethical foundation and placed in a higher context through individual spiritual growth. We provide a special prayer room (Liberty Hall) to accommodate all students irrespective of the student religious background.

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