The Components of THE OSR Record

An OSR will consist of the following components:

  • An OSR folder in Form 1A or Form 1
  • Reports cards
  • An Ontario Student Transcript, where applicable
  • A documentation file, where applicable
  • An office index card
  • Additional information identified as being conducive to the improvement of the instruction of the student.


Principals must establish an OSR folder, Form 1A (see appendix A), for students enrolling in school for the first time after September 1, 1985. For students attending school who enrolled in school before that date, the OSR folder Form 1 must be adjusted to correspond to form 1A (see appendix B). The folder will contain the parts set out below in sections 3.1.1 to 3.1.7.

3.1.1 Biographical data: Part A

The following information will be provided:

  • The students full name and date of birth (The principal will indicate the method of verification on the folder – e.g., birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport – and will initial and date the folder)
  • A student number assigned by the school or the school board, where applicable
  • A Ministry Identification Number (MIN) or Ontario Education Number (OEN) assigned by the ministry, where applicable
3.1.2 Schools attended: Part B

The following information will be provided:

  • The name of each school that the student has attended
  • The name of the board, the name of the Native education authority, or the name of the person who operated the private or federal school
  • The date of entry and the date of the last day of attendance in each grade
  • The name of a teacher contact

Where the student is transferring to a school from an educational institution that was not required to maintain an OSR, Part B may include any information that will complete the record of schools previously attended.

3.1.3 Retirement from an Ontario school: Part C Form 1A or Parts J and K of Form 1

The following information will be provided on retirement (see also section 7):

  • The date of retirement
  • The student’s address at retirement
  • The student’s destination at retirement with respect to further education or employment
3.1.4 Names of parent(s): Part D

The following information will be [provided:

  • The first name of the student’s parent(s) or the first name and surname of the student’s parent(s) when the surname of the latter differs from that of the student
  • If applicable, the date of death of the parent(s) of a student opposite the name of the deceased
3.1.5 Special health information: Part E

A summary of a student’s health conditions will be included when such conditions are disclosed to the principal. Entries in Part E will be dated and kept current.

3.1.6 Photographs and information on school activities: Parts F and G of Form 1A or Parts F, G and I of Form 1

This information may be inserted if it satisfies the policies on inclusion set out by the board (see section 2)

3.1.7 Additional Information: Part H

The following information will be provided, if applicable:

  • the date on which the student enters a Supervised Alternative Learning for Excused Pupils(SALEP) program (Regulation 308), as well as the SALEP committee report, which is to be inserted in the OSR documentation file (see section 3.4)

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