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Students of Canadian Independent College will not use, possess, procure or provide drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia or facilitate in any way the use, possession, procurement or provision of drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia.

If the school has reasonable grounds to believe that any student has committed a criminal or quasi-criminal offence in relation to drugs or alcohol, it will so advise the police and will co-operate fully with any resulting investigation.

A student who breaches this rule is subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion. In general, breaches that involve using personally or providing or procuring drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia for others or attempting to do so, breaches the policy and will result in the expulsion of the student.

If a student is found to have breached this Protocol, he/she will be referred to the Principal or a designate, and will, in addition to any other disciplinary measures imposed by the principal, be subject to some or all of the following measures:

  • an Incident Report will be completed and submitted to the Principal;
  • parents will be contacted in a timely manner although taking into consideration events that are happening at the time of the incident;
  • immediate suspension until all information is gathered.

Once all information is gathered and if there is enough evidence to show the student involved breached the school’s No Drugs or Alcohol policy, immediate expulsion is warranted.

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